BMW to Feature Amazon Alexa Integration

Rolling out in mid-2018, BMWs will be equipped with Amazon Alexa capabilities. While voice recognition has been available in cars for many years, the technology has been consistently improving. Applications like Siri and tech gear like the Amazon Echo have made our lives easier by acting as digital personal assistants, and now BMW plans to embark on a new journey with voice technology as well.


Amazon announced recently that the Alexa voice assistant will be a new cockpit companion for BMW drivers next year, accessible directly from the infotainment system. But this isn’t BMW and Amazon’s first meeting--they…

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BMW Partners with Toyota on New Supra

One of Toyota’s most beloved cars of all time could be making a new debut as a concept car with the help of BMW.


The Supra will be the result of a collaboration with BMW and Toyota and was first announced in 2012. The companies are working together on engines and lithium-ion batteries and a new rear-wheel drive platform.

We’ve previously seen the concept form of the BMW Z4 roadster which debuted at the Pebble Beach Auto Show this summer. BMW is reportedly targeting a sub-3200-lb curb weight for the Z4 which is positive news for the Supra…

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8-Series Gran Coupe Slated for 2019

It’s no secret that BMW’s revival of the 8-Series is being highly anticipated. We know we can expect a 2-door variant, but the future lineup could potentially include a 4-door Gran Coupe model as well!


Earlier this month, BMW Blog reported that a BMW 8-Series Gran Coup was predicted to debut in late 2019, following the original Coupe. That would round out the 8-Series family, which will already include a convertible and M8 variant as well.

The 8-Series’ production was highlighted earlier this year when prototypes were caught being tested, but now that the year is in its…

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BMW Keys Might Become Obsolete

BMW has recently questioned the need for car keys, and the days of frantically searching for them through your house, purse, pockets, etc. may soon be over.


Photo Source: DriveSpark

At the recent Frankfurt Motor Show, a BMW board member stated that many--if not all--of its customers carry a smartphone with them. Our phones have become our likelihood and do many other day-altering tasks for us than just making calls. BMW’s smartphone app already allows users to control various functions of their car from their fingertips, therefore the ability to use a phone as means to opening/starting a…

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Wireless Charging Pad for 5-Series Hybrid

First watches, then phones, now BMW. The German automaker is close to debuting wireless charging for one of its models, the 5-Series Hybrid, available in 2018.  


Photo Source: BMW Blog

As electric cars become more popular, car manufacturers have been finding ways to extend the range of those vehicles. This has resulted in wireless charging system being tested globally. In terms of the 530e, the pad will connect to a 220-V outlet, then sensors on the car will show you where to steer so the vehicle can communicate with the charger. According to BMW, the 9.4kWh battery in the…

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BMW Anticipates Twelve Electric Vehicles by 2025

BMW is ready to expand its electric lineup. While it already produces the electric i3, a plug-in hybrid version of the 3-Series, 7-Series, and X5, the German automakers have their sights set on more.


In a statement, BMW’s chairman of the boar, Harald Kruger, said the entire company plans to increase its electric offerings across the board, including both Rolls-Royce and BMW’s M models. By 2025, 25 vehicles will be electrified models, 12 being fully electric. He also stated that all fully electric BMWs will be sold under the i sub-brand, including the X3.

Kruger went on to…

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BMW i3 EV Receives Sport Package

BMW’s flagship all-electric vehicle, the i3, just got a slight makeover. The German automaker unveiled the 2018 model and changes we can expect.


The 2018 i3 still possesses the same 33 kWh battery pack, enabling it to pack in 124 miles of range. When it was first introduced last year, the new battery pack gave BMW an edge when it came to all-electric range.

The design upgrades will almost be indiscernible. The restyling of the front and rear aprons places more emphasis on the car’s width which portrays the sporty handling of the model. A chrome-design trim strip…

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