BMW Dashboard Warning Lights

If you own a BMW, chances are you've seen one or more of your dashboard warning lights switch on at some point. You may be confused by some of them, causing you to hurriedly flip through your owner's manual or search online for some kind of guidance. Well, we have your solution.

Below, we show you the most common dashboard light indicators and warnings that you may experience while driving your BMW. In general, the color of the illuminated symbol will convey how severe the issue is.

  • Red indicates an issue that requires immediate attention.
  • Orange indicates a less urgent issue, such as a vehicle service requirement.
  • Blue and green give you information on lights and indicators.
  • Flashing warning lights also signal an urgent issue.

Lighting Indicators and BMW Dash Symbols

As you may have noticed, there are many symbols and indicators pertaining just to the lighting system in your BMW. Most are in green or blue.


Serious Warning Symbols

When something is seriously wrong with your vehicle, it's vital that you pay attention. If you see these warning symbols while driving your BMW, stop the car immediately and get to a repair shop.


Routine and Common Indicators

These symbols are all designed to indicate routine needs for your vehicle, such as when your windshield washer fluid is low and needs to be refilled, your door is open, your parking brake is on, or you have low battery power. Depending on the color and symbol that pops up, the severity will tell you whether a repair is imminent soon or is needed immediately.

If you notice any of the above lights coming on, and you still don't know what they mean or if the problem is critical, get in touch with your trusted BMW repair shop right away. Better to be safe than sorry!

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