There's a lot that folks here in San Antonio do to beat the heat in the summertime, but here at BMW of San Antonio, we're all about embracing the warm weather. After all, what goes better with a hot summer day than a hot car? No, not a literally hot car, but one that's stylish, well-equipped, and endlessly engaging to drive. Fortunately, there's no shortage of those here at our San Antonio showroom, particularly when you look to our stock of new 2020 BMW M340i sedans.

Now, the BMW 3 Series has always been one of the most revered names in the sport sedan segment, and with an infusion of BMW M Sport-inspired muscle, the 2020 BMW M340i promises to be one of the hottest options out there for San Antonio drivers who're looking to push their limits.

As the first inline six-cylinder version of the BMW 3 Series to ever be offered stateside, you can bet it'll catch the attention of BMW fanatics. But even if that distinction isn't enough to impress you, the power that the 2020 BMW M340i puts out certainly will. With up to 382 horsepower and 369 pound-feet of torque, the 2020 BMW 340i makes its presence known on the open road, and gives even many of its larger rivals in the sedan market some stiff competition.

What's more, when you take a peak underneath, you'll find that the new 2020 BMW M340i rides on a finely tuned suspension with stiffer springs for a sportier dynamic and sharper handling on the open road. So, whether it's a freshly paved straightaway or some winding curves out in the countryside, it's hard to be bored behind the wheel of this impeccably crafted sport sedan.

That being said, we could go on telling you about how awesome the new 2020 BMW M340i is, but we'd much rather show you firsthand. Drop in to our San Antonio, TX BMW dealership to take this new variant of the classic BMW 3 Series sedan out for a spin and see why it's one of our hottest models this summer!

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