New performance-oriented tech makes the new BMW X4 a truly engaging ride for San Antonio drivers

Take a look at our lineup of new BMW Sports Activity Vehicles for sale here at our San Antonio, TX dealership, and you'll see one that is not quite like the others. The 2020 BMW X4 certainly has a distinctive profile, combining elements of both luxury SUVs and coupes to create something wholly unique that's been turning heads on the streets of San Antonio for years now. But while its style is distinctive to say the least, it's the tech under the surface that truly makes the 2020 BMW X4 into a compelling ride.

Now, the new BMW X4, like many of the BMW SAVs for sale here at our San Antonio, TX dealership, is an innately powerful vehicle, with up to 355 horsepower available on demand from its optional BMW Twinpower Turbo engine. But it's how that power is delivered that makes all the difference.

You see, the BMW X4 is equipped with BMW xDrive all-wheel drive, but unlike conventional all-wheel drive systems, the xDrive system in the BMW X4 primarily routes power to the rear wheels. This gives the new BMW X4 off-the-line power that's much more akin to a coupe than a conventional luxury SUV, pressing you back into your seat as you press down on the accelerator. Only when it's necessary to maintain traction and control does the xDrive system distribute its power across all four wheels, giving you dynamism when you want it and confidence when you need it.

Of course, the innovative way that the new BMW X4 distributes its ample engine power is just one of the reasons it's among the most compelling and competitive luxury cars on the roads of San Antonio these days. So, if you'd like to find out for yourself why many of your friends and neighbors are flocking to our dealership to check out the new BMW X4, feel free to drop by BMW of San Antonio for a test drive today.

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