BMW's New Voice Assistant: Just Say "Hey"


Just two years ago, BMW introduced the innovative and magical feature of gesture control into their 7 Series sedans where you could adjust climate, control music, answer messages and more all with simple gestures. Now, BMW is back at it again with the exciting technological updates--this time with the introduction of a totally-new Intelligent Personal Assistant that will be available for all later-model BMWs. Both Apple CarPlay and Android Auto compatibility will still exist for BMWs going forward, but this new voice assistant will be entirely independent of both.

Available via an operating system update in March of 2019, the new BMW voice assistant is quite unlike the existing virtual assistants available on the market today. For starters, it doesn’t have an official name. Just say, “Hey BMW,” and your car will come to life. You can even change the name to be whatever you want, unlike Siri, Cortana, or others that require you to only use their manufactured name for them to work. But that’s not to say this new assistant can’t play nice with the others, as BMW claims the Intelligent Personal Assistant will be compatible with all other technological ecosystems in the future.

BMW’s new virtual assistant doesn’t require formal commands to work, either. Saying, “Hey BMW, I’m kind of cold,” will have your BMW adjusting the temperature for you automatically. BMW has also stated that the new assistant will answer existential questions like, “What’s the meaning of life?” although they haven’t revealed what the answer will be… yet. Ultimately, the BMW voice assistant will be “consistently enhanced and grow with the user over time… [while] regular updates will keep expanding the range of functions and skills available.” We cannot wait to see just how the assistant works, and thankfully the release is only a few months away.


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