Hey Mambo, Monza Italiano! The BMW X5 Takes on the Monza Circuit in Morocco


To celebrate the launch of the BMW X5 at the end of the month, BMW Italy has done something totally outrageous and awesome--they’ve completely reconstructed the historic Autodromo Nazionale Monza (the Monza circuit) on a 1:1 scale in the middle of the Sahara desert in Merzouga, Morocco. Originally built in 1922, the famous circuit is located in Monza, Italy just north of Milan and was the world’s third purposefully-built motor-racing circuit ever! The Monza circuit is most well-known for the Formula One Italian Grand Prix which has occurred there every year--except one--since the series’ beginning. It features three different tracks including a high-speed oval track, the Junior track, and the Grand Prix track

It should come as no surprise, then, that it took a team of over fifty people including technicians, laborers, surveyors, pilots, and engineers more than two weeks to complete this massive 5,793-meter undertaking. During the first four days, surveyors, architects, and technicians studied the land to prepare for construction, with the following eight days being used for topographic study, design, and simulation. Over the next nine days, construction finally began to come alive as a team of bulldozers, trucks, graders, and compactors worked diligently to remove over 120,000 cubic feet of earth out of the desert. Immaculately reproduced down to every curve, straight section, and chicane, the “Monza, Sahara” circuit is located in one of the most hostile terrains on the planet and is the perfect place to show off the insane capabilities of the all-new BMW X5. A Sports Activity Vehicle like none other, the all-new BMW X5 also has an available xOffroad package which gives the driver four delightful driving modes (xRocks, xGravel, xSand, and xSnow) that are easily accessible via a single button for the most off-roading fun anytime. No matter where in the world you drive it, the BMW X5 will always be an Ultimate Driving Machine.   


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