The Impending Electrification of the BMW M Series

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As the electric-vehicle market heats up, BMW continues to make huge strides to stay ahead of the competition. Recently BMW M Division's CEO Frank Van Meel said, “For sure, all M vehicles will be electrified by the end of the next decade… That's going to happen step-by-step. The important question is the timing question—what's the right time for that? If you're too late then you're too late, but if you're too early then you don't have the 'straight to the point' technology." That’s right--the BMW lineup of performance vehicles should be electrified by the end of 2030, giving the German automaker ample time to work out all the details.

Initially, there’s likely to be some consumer pushback with this announcement, as many diehard BMW-fans prefer the feel and sound of a manual transmission in the M series models. However, this announcement also comes as no surprise as steadily more and more manufacturers commit to the electrification of their vehicles. And since BMW is the master at crafting the Ultimate Driving Machine, who’s to say the electrified M-series won’t be the most impressive to exist. Just take a look at the scorching hot BMW i8… We’re betting they will be.


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